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The Most Beautiful Library in the World?

The Austrian National Library  Millions & Millions With over 7.4 million items in its collections, the Austrian National Library (German: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek), is the largest library in Austria. It may also just be the most beautiful library in the world. Of course that’s all very subjective, but I think you’ll agree after seeing these photographs […]

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Hey Photographers, register your Photography Copyright!

The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Thomas Jefferson Building A few months ago I interviewed Carolyn E. Wright, an attorney who specializes in copyright issues in the photography field. Please check out her great answers here: Photography, Copyright, and the Law As promised, I’m following this interview with part two, in my multiple part […]

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Central Public Library – Palazzo Sormani Andreani, Milan, Italy

This was one of those photos that I was lucky to get because I walk from place to place even though my feet keep begging me to take buses, subways or taxis. It tends to be the best way to come upon unexpected photographic treasures such as the Biblioteca Sormani which is one of Milan’s […]

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