The Glass and Steel Towers of Toronto

Toronto-SkyscrapersToronto-SkyscrapersSkyscrapers in Toronto

Far from the skyscrapers of North America

It isn’t easy to find the time to blog when I’m on the road, since I’m so busy trying to photograph all the amazing locations in the area I’m visiting. This time I’m finding it even harder than usual because Austria is providing me with one amazing scene after another. I thought that it would be fitting to post some images from Canada while I’m away from home, especially such contrasting photos of the types of buildings that aren’t found in abundance in Europe. Today as I write this I’m in Vienna, surrounded by the incredible art, architecture, history, and culture that is found around every street corner.  Talk about a contrast to the buildings in downtown Toronto!

So far Innsbruck was incredible, and my brief stay in Seefeld was heavenly thanks to the great Hotel Klosterbräu and the delicious 5 course dinner at Hotel Astoria that I’m still dreaming of. Big thank you to Lilli our guide from the Seefeld & Tirol Tourism Board who went the extra mile over and over again to make sure that I had a great time, as did my fellow travel travel blogger friends who joined me in Seefeld. Vienna has been a revelation, I’m in love with the city and the people here. It’s no wonder Vienna keeps being rated as the best city in to world to live in.

Travel Bloggers Unite in Innsbruck

The main purpose of me coming to Europe this time was to attend the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Innsbruck. It was great to meet so many of my fellow travel bloggers, some who I have spoken to a number of times online but for many it was a first time meeting. The seminars were informative and I was impressed with the open and frank discussions about the industry and how we can strive to make it more sustainable for writers and photographers. I’ll have more about the conference in an upcoming blog, so for now I want to be sure to thank all the organizers and speakers that deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. For me the conference was a big success and I walk away from Innsbruck with a smile on my face knowing that I made so many new friends who I am looking forward to keeping in touch with. Fun week with inspiring people, and I even won an award! Can’t ask for much more than that :)

Off to Budapest tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with a few iPhone camera snaps from the trip so far. Bonus points if you know where each photo was taken.

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  1. says

    awesome pics! have you seen mine? ^__^ it was a pleasure to take that photowalk with you, as well as having a “knoedel” with you and the girls. looking forward to see you again in florence… or umbria ;)

  2. art lover says

    Great slant of the Toronto skyline. You deserved whatever award you received. Come on now, don’t be modest, what was the award for? Bravo!

  3. says

    That is amazing photos of the tall buildings. How did you get the angles of the images? They are the best photos I have seen!

    Did you say the tall glass buildings were in Vienna? I never realised that there were such tall buildings? I almost that it was New York.

    We are a family of seven about to travel around Australia. Gosh I hope that we can get some great photos like you have! How long have you been travelling?

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  4. says

    Carlos, Austria was amazing and Hungary has been wonderful as well. Lots of pics coming this way once I get home!

    CSFT, the conference was fun and educational. It was great to meet so many of my fellow travel bloggers :)

    Thanks Sue!

    Michela, thanks for coming along on the photowalk and for having lunch with me. Really looking forward to Umbria in the spring!

    Natalie, the photos are shot with a very wide angle lens pointed straight up.

    Art, click the link to find out what I won ;)

    Thanks Diane and Jen :)

    Lisa, the glass buildings are in Toronto, which contrasted with all the incredibly old buildings in Vienna. have a great time in Oz, you’re going to love it!

  5. says


    Great photos as always. Love the ones you took with your iPhone. Can’t wait to see your post on the Travel Blogger Unite Conference.

    Also had to chance to meet Michela and her dad and cousin when I was in Venice this summer. She’s a wonderful spirit. Love the way twitterverse can bring people together from all over the world. Have a wonderful time in Budapest.


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