The Empire State Building circa 1955… Take a trip Back in time with OnOne

New York City's Empire State Building - Vintage

One of the best parts about my job is getting the chance to work on my photographs on the computer. For example, take this photo of one of New York City’s most iconic buildings, the Empire State Building. I started off as usual with a very regular looking image with a lot of detail in the seven bracketed exposures that I took. After tonemapping the image using 3 exposures to make an HDR photo, I imported the photo into Photoshop and that’s where the real magic began. For this image I wanted to give the appearance of an old photo that someone would find in a shoebox in their grandfather’s closet. Something that said vintage New York City, with faded colours, scratch marks, and some vignetting.

The original image with no retouching

OnOne to the rescue!

So how was I going to achieve this look that I wanted? I could either spend a ton of time in Photoshop doing all kinds of tricks, using multiple layers, effect, masks, and spend countless hours tweaking all these elements. I COULD do that, but why would I, when I could take a few minutes to use some of OnOne’s amazing software to get the same (if not much better) effect on my image. For this photo, I used the Photo Tools plugin and the PhotoFrame plugin to get the desired look and feel of the photo. This is just one of the literally thousands of looks I could have given the photo, and the more I use OnOne’s products, the more I like them.

My New Review of Perfect Resize from OnOne

Perfect Resize from On One Software

I’m bringing OnOne’s products to your attention today, because I just did a review of their Perfect Resize software. Perfect Resize is the industry standard software for enlarging your photographs to poster or even mural sizes prints. I use it all the time for my custom prints, and recommend it highly. I would not review or recommend any products that I didn’t use myself. Rest assured that when I do talk about products I use, it’s because I truly believe in them and think that they would benefit photographers of all types.

One of the great things about OnOne is that they allow you to test out their products for free. So there literally is no risk to you to try them out, to see if you enjoy using the products. They also have a vast video tutorial library, that will help you with all your questions about each piece of software that they make. Check out the videos at the OnOne University.

Great News about OnOne Software Pricing!

There has never been a better time to buy any of the great products from OnOne software.

With their Summer Sale, they  reduced the prices on ALL their products significantly!

Follow these links for more information and downloads:

While many companies make plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture, few can match the versatility of of OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite.

Seven Products in One!

Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 – Your photography. Easier. Faster. Better. Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 includes all of the OnOne Software products and works with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Five of the products in the Suite even work as standalone applications now.

$299.95 (was $499.95) This is an incredible deal!

Find out more about Plug-in Suite 5

This powerful set of tools includes:

•    Perfect Resize 7 – The next generation of Genuine Fractals is still the industry standard for image enlargement. Works with Photoshop CS5, Lightroom, and Aperture or as a stand-alone application.
Professional Edition – $199.95 (was $299.95)  Standard Edition – $99.95 (was $159.95)

•    PhotoTools 2.6 – Instantly give your photos the professional look. Works as a Photoshop plug-in.
Professional Edition – $99.95 (was $259.95)

•    PhotoFrame 4.6 – Add the perfect finishing touch to your photos or create an album layout design. Works with Photoshop CS5, Lightroom, and Aperture or as a stand-alone application.
Professional Edition – $99.95 (was $259.95)

•    FocalPoint 2 – Add realistic depth of field to your images. Works with Photoshop CS5, Lightroom, and Aperture or as a stand-alone application.
$99.95 (was $159.95)

•    PhotoTune 3 – Getting great color in your images is not as hard as you think. Works with Photoshop CS5, Lightroom, and Aperture or as a stand-alone application.
$99.95 (was $159.95)

•    Mask Pro 4 – For removing unwanted backgrounds, Mask Pro is the Photoshop plugin recommended by Advanced Photoshop magazine. Works as a plug-in for Photoshop.
$99.95 (was $159.95)

•    Perfect Layers 1 – Perfect Layers is the fast and easy way to bring a layered workflow to Lightroom or Aperture. Perfect Layers works with Lightroom and Aperture or as a standalone application.



Get 10% off the purchase price of any OnOne Software!

Just use the coupon code KENKAMINESKY when purchasing


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  1. says

    Ken, you know how long they are running this sale? I seen this and posted it in the Travel Photographers page on Facebook but wasn’t sure how long it will last. I’m in Nepal right and can’t download the large files but will be in NYC in a week and hope to buy it then if it’s still on sale. It is a sweet deal and they have some awesome plug-ins!

  2. says

    Sweet effect and thanks for highlighting various software to save time and create powerful image tweakings :) The other day a buddy and I were talking about the genius of Ansel Adam’s not just in the photos he took but how much work he put into the developing

    living in the future is pretty sweet. I wonder what will have changed in two years time from now? :)

  3. Gaby says

    I’m finally getting back on track with your blog, i wouldn’t want to miss any post ever. I’m very sad for your cold. Hope you are feeling better ;-) Oh and NICE work!

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