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The Rainbow windows of Palais des Congrès in Montreal, Canada

Montreal Convention Centre

One of the hardest places to shoot for me is my hometown. Not because it is a dull place, not because it isn’t full of beautiful locations. It just seems that I’m more excited and motivated when I’m on the road. I love Montreal as a city, it is a unique and vibrant place, full of art, history, and culture. However, as wonderful as it may be, I seem to always feel like I will “get to it one day” in terms of going to photograph some of it’s more picturesque locations. When I’m travelling, I tend to have a very limited amount of time to get my photos. Therefore I am much more driven to get up early and spend long days photographing till late at night. Who knows when, or if I’ll ever return to the place I’m in? When I’m away from home photographing such inspiring places that are so new to me, I often wish that the days were 30 hours long. There is so much to see and so little time. Plus, a good eight or nine hours of sleep would be welcome after walking around for 20 hours as opposed to the five hours I usually get while I’m on the road.

This shot of Montreal’s convention centre (Palais des Congrès in French) was on one of those days that I pushed myself to shoot all day, as if I was in a foreign city. I arrived a bit earlier and saw that if I waited just a bit, the sun would be in the right place to get an interesting, colourful pattern on the floor. So I went out to get some shots in nearby Old Montreal and arrived just in time to capture this image. The Palais des Congrès borders Old Montreal, and really defines the line from old architecture to new. It’s a building that you either love or hate. Personally I think it’s a very good example of modern architecture, as it allows one to feel a sense of warmth amongst all the cold metal, concrete, and glass. There is even a “forest” of pink concrete trees that graces the north side of the main floor. It adds a nice organic touch to what would otherwise be a rather stark interior. I’ll follow up with another post soon,  showcasing some of the other elements that are found on the ground floor.

Interview | Rising from the Ashes

I recently did an interview with Ron Egatz over at the MAC group’s PocketWizard blog. I’m honoured to have the chance to be included in the group of incredibly talented shooters that have been featured on their site. It’s so nice to know that a company like PocketWizard appreciates my work and has put me side by side with photographers like Joe McNally, Chris Garrison, and Rick Sammon. While I don’t use the PocketWizards for the travel photos I post here on the blog, I would be lost without them when shooting my lifestyle images.

The interview, and a selection of my travel and lifestyle images can be found here: Ken Kaminesky’s Rising from the Ashes

Thanks Ron and everyone at the MAC group!

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Now I want to go to Montreal (not that I didn’t want to go before). Can I go?

captivating shot. I like how the light is hitting just the right spot.

Nice coloured game. I have a strange feeling of “I like it. I like it NOT!”

This looks so fake… But I’ll force myself to believe you it’s real :)

I’m head over heels crazy for the colors in this pic and the way the light is coming through! GORGEOUS capture!!!

Love this image Ken! Congrats on the interview!

I had no idea there was such a place. Rainbow windows?! Great shot!

Hi Ken. Wow, I just came over from the Bacon is Magic site and your photography is beautiful. Can’t wait to dig around more.

Gaby, you’ll always be welcome here in Montreal :)
Andi, Thanks! It’s a surreal atmosphere in there when the light shines through the coloured glass like that.
Thanks Carlos, the folks at the MAC group are a great bunch of people. It was a treat to be able to drop by their offices and meet them when I was in NYC.
Kim, thanks! Ayngelina’s blog is great and I’m looking forward to her update.
Thanks for the nice comments everyone, I really appreciate them :)

I know that feeling of not photographing your hometown. For me this is firstly because it doesn’t has the WOW-effect. I’m crossing the city daily and it does not fascinate me as a new city. As you say, because you don’t know if you’ll ever be back.

But once you get out with your camera and push yourself to look at your own city for nice photo locations, you start looking at the city with a different eye and notice things you would not notice when walking to work.
And that’s also a great experience.

Anyway, you got another spectacular image there!

I think we are all guilty at some time or another of not showing enough love to our hometown. I’m extremely guilty of that. I’ve made a personal pledge to embark upon a staycation of sorts, so that I can reintroduce myself to the city that I usually pass through going to and from work. If I can get a shot half as beautiful as yours it would be worth it.

I think we are all guilty at some time or another of not showing enough love to our hometown. I’m extremely guilty of that. I’ve made a personal pledge to embark upon a staycation of sorts, so that I can reintroduce myself to the city that I usually pass through going to and from work. If I can get a shot half as beautiful as yours it would be worth it.

I love the multicolored glass! I was recently in a building in Spain that had a similar effect and now I’m trying to remember which one it was- time to revisit photos!

Beautiful shot. I used to work in Montreal and worked at quite a few exhibits held here. I’ve never seen the building look so colorful.

GORGEOUS capture Ken!! Just stunning. The light, the colors – AMAZING!

Great effects, great colors, nice image. Great job to you ken.

Nicolas, Thanks, it it so true about pushing yourself to just get out there and shoot your home town. The results will be worth the effort and you may just discover something new about your city.
Renee, One way I get a chance to discover my city is when I have out of town friends to show around. I often wonder why I haven’t gone to the places I take them to visit.
Laura, Let me know when you find out the name of that building, I’m always adding to the list of cool places to photograph.
Nancie, Thanks :) You have to be there at the right time of day to get the effect, I was fortunate.
Kirsten, Thank you!
SIP, Cheers to you.

Great shot. I’m glad roland shared it on facebook.

I haven’t been to Montreal for the last 3 years, I did’nt know the architecture.
I’ll try to come back more often to visit your blog.
Take care. Crikette, Franco-Canadian from Paris (France)

Great shot Ken! Very true about shooting in your own city. Having just moved to Montreal I haven’t run into that problem yet but did struggle with it in London. Looks like les Palais des congres is a hot place, I posted a shot of the glass the week before you!

Great work!

Stunning! your very talented. Capturing Canada through photos is like visiting the place through pictures. I always love Montreal. The pictures is just amazing. Goodluck!

Hello Ken,
Its wonderful to discover your blog through the photo roulette contest. I am from Toronto and I often feel exactly the same – that I will get to the nice places in the city some day, there’s no sense of urgency. This is a really beautiful picture.

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