Tour Opus, la Défense, Paris, France

Tour Opus, la Défense, Paris

I’m working to finish this new section for my portfolio of the la Défense, Paris business district, so this week I’ll be posting photographs from this shoot on the blog. While the Tour Opus is a nice looking building with clean lines, what really makes it special is that the building’s external glazed skin is designed to maximize daylight penetration into the offices which in turn reduces the need for electricity consumption. As I was walking around looking for interesting angles and perspective points to shoot from I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this very cool reflection in the Opus’ shiny facade. Every once in a while I get this silly grin on my face as I’m taking a picture that must make passers by think that I’m insane and while some people that know me might agree it’s really just because I’m seeing something special through my lens that I know will be a fun shot with a unique twist like the reflection shown here. I like to think of the Tour Opus as a modest building that is willing to help show off it’s neighbor across the courtyard.

Since la Défense is a busy place, people tend to be paying more attention to where they are going or their phone conversation as they walk as opposed to the very cool architecture that surrounds them. I’m lucky that while doing these kinds of photos that it’s my job to stop and look around me as well as up and try to see what makes the buildings we work in, visit and live in so special. There are a series of new buildings that are planned for la Défense, some are under construction now, others will be completed by 2015 and some of the designs are out of this world. Sounds like an excuse to go back to Paris for another shoot!

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  1. says

    Thanks Todd :^) Actually no, I rarely use that lens anymore even though I love it and it’s always in my bag. I want the 17 AND 24 TS-E, may as well be greedy if it’s just wishing!

  2. artlover says

    Glad you took this picture because I don’t think that a painter would want to stand in front of the Tour Opus to capture this jaw dropping scene. You do have fun with your camera! Yes please post more of this magnificent building.

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